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This album took way too long and is called "Kevin" because Kevin joined the band on this EP! Cool fact about this record, our producer went to jail during the recording on a felony charge. If someone will just shoot one of us nine times we can have a hit record.

Recorded at Onyx Studios in Oxnard, California.
Engineered and Mastered by Jesiah
Additional Engineering by David Green at Greenwood Studios in Santa Clarita, CA
All Songs Copyright (c) Criminal Behavior 2011


released September 3, 2011

Criminal Behavior is-
Kevin Bredall-Lead Bass
Bryce Jordan Esquivel-Lead Drums
Nick Sucks!-Lead Guitar

Additional Personnel:
Alixandru Roxanne = Vocals on track 4
David Green = Cymbals and tomato on track 1, Saw on track 7
Elijah Kellogg = Vocals on track 4
'effin Andy B = Trumpet on track 1 and 6



all rights reserved


Criminal Behavior Oxnard, California

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Track Name: Fuck Off!
Im tired of the fucking lies
And the bullshit all the bridges ive burned
All the bad friends the mistakes
The lessons ive learned
And it all sounds like

Yada yada yada
Go Away

So sick of the things you say
Hate the feelings I get from you
Don’t wanna be your stepping stone
When Id rather suffocate you
The rose tint has gone grey
You dragged me through the mud
I hope you think of me when you’re choking on your blood

Yada yada yada
Go Away
Track Name: Zombies!
Well the night of the living dead is deadly if you’re living that night,
But me and Bruce Campbell are more then they can handle lets fight,

Gonna cut off their heads, kill some living deads, if you wanna eat me eat machete instead, not me you fucking zombie,

Zombies Wha oh

Grab your chainsaw and make sure you got gas cause me and Ash are gonna kick some zombie ass,
Killing the undead is what we do when they rise from the grave and come after you,
Better lock the door cause there’s gonna be more and the cabin in the woods isn’t safe anymore,
Swallow my soul, well I don’t think so, its go time bitch you zombie asshole,

Here they come,
Run away,
Oh my god,
Track Name: Desperately
Lyrics by Chiefy C and Nick Sucks

Ever since you said you were leaving,
I just cant believe what I’m hearing,
I say sorry and I’ll change,
You say its not enough and its too late,
My mind is always thinking about you,
My tears are forming oceans I cant seem to swim through,
When I’m without you, when I’m without you,
I cant breathe a breath of fresh air,
When your goodbyes are so final not sincere,

If all hope is lost,
Why don’t you leave me alone, never leave me alone,
I swear I’ll make you see,
That you‘re the one for me, baby come back to me,

Why cant she see I want her so badly,
I know I’ll be true and we’ll fly straight,
But she’s preoccupied with every other guy,
So I’ll just bite my nails and fall to the side,
I cant breathe a breath of fresh air,
When your goodbyes are so sorry not sincere,

Maybe I’m just living in delusion,
Is it so wrong to live an illusion?
Track Name: Your Mistakes
You say that you just have to go,
Now you’re with him but you don’t know,
Memories of the past just like shattered glass,
Pierce through my mind whenever you’re outside,

But I’ll let you make your own mistakes,
I’ll wait for years if that’s what it takes,
For you to see it was always me,
Here all along still dreaming on,

Fade away, fall apart my broken heart,
Check engine light this car won’t start,
Depression and anxiety,
These are the things you do to me,


I want you back cause it isn’t right,
I reach out for you in the middle of the night,
When all I grab is just air,
I realize just how, how much I care,

You’re in control because you’re the one,
I really hope that you’re having fun,
When everything cracks and turns grey,
I know that you’ll come back to me,
Track Name: About to Break
Hey there girlfriend, where have you been?
Another night out late again,
Past our bedtime, this is the last time,
I wont believe your lies,

I get home from work, you call me a jerk,
You’re going out again, be back you don’t know when,
So blatant the affair, I’ll act like I don’t care,
But what do I do cause I still want you,

But I’m about to break,
I don’t think I can take
Much more of this mistake
I think I’m through with you

I get home from work, you call me a jerk,
You’re going out again, be back you don’t know when,
So blatant the affair, I’ll act like I don’t care,
But what do I do cause I still love you,

And I think I just broke,
Kicked your ass out the door,
Don’t wanna see you no more,
You treated me like shit,
And I think I just quit,
Don’t wanna see you no more,
Track Name: Popcorn Bucket!
There’s a new zombie movie coming to town,
So I’m asking out the prettiest girl around,
I’ll buy your ticket, I’ll pay the fee,
C’mon baby sit next to me,
Lets lift up that armrest in between the seats,

Do you wanna go to the movies with me?
There’s some coming attractions that we need to see,
We’ll watch the trailers, we’ll watch the flick,
We can butter that popcorn with my dick,
Oh do you wanna go to the movies with me?

The movie has started but I cant pay attention because I’m focused on my erection,
And your hand on my thigh is better then every mike and ike I’ve had tonight,
Your kisses are really the bomb and they taste just like cherry lip balm,
You spilled my nachos but that’s alright, there’s a hole in the popcorn bucket tonight!